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    Endless culinary possibilities and an unmistakable grill feel, bundled in strong ceramic and solid stainless steel. Find out more about the MONOLITH grill.


    Grilling, smoking, baking, cooking, simmering - the Monolith combines all these benefits in one unique grill. Experience the new era of kamado grills with recipes from all over the world.


    The MONOLITH is complemented by a huge range of accessories, charcoal, smoke pellets and the BBQ Guru. Innovation and quality come first at MONOLITH - that's what we live and grill for.


    The Monolith is like a campfire under the stars: it fascinates and warms, but much more important is the community around it. Experience memorable evenings with your family and friends. Because no one is more important.


    Functionality and aesthetics, skill and style - for Monolith these are not opposites. Experience the ultimate symbiosis in a single grill.


    A 3000 year old legacy. The Japanese heritage of the mushikamado meets advanced workmanship and timeless design.

What is a kamado?

What is a kamado and what makes it special? And what is special about MONOLITH kamados? Find out everything you need to know about the traditional ceramic barbecue.

Matt Tebbutt Testimonials

"Cooking over charcoal is a great skill and the levels of flavour that you can achieve in the meat, fish and vegetables are simply phenomenal. The MONOLITH Avantgarde captures all those flavour profiles, right here, in your own back garden." Matt Tebbutt said.

Was den AVANTGARDE herausragend macht

In diesem Interview erfährst du von Gründer Matthias Otto alles über die Leidenschaft zum Kamado-Grillen und was den Avantgarde Grill als High-End Kamado auszeichnet.

MONOLITH Avantgarde

The dining class under the Kamado

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