Our passion for good outdoor food drives us to develop products that are not only functional, but also combine design and aesthetics.

Our passion

What sets us apart is our pursuit of excellence. Our engineers and designers are constantly working on new technologies and innovations to ensure that our products meet the latest standards. From robust grill grates to intelligent temperature control systems - at MONOLITH you will find the very best in barbecue craftsmanship.

We understand that barbecuing is more than just a culinary activity - it's a social experience, a moment of enjoyment and community. Our barbecues are designed to intensify these moments and help you spend the best times with family and friends.

Find out more about our production

  • Concept and design

    Our team of experienced engineers and designers works on innovative concepts and designs for our products. We attach great importance to functionality, aesthetics and meeting the needs of our customers.

  • Material procurement

    We only source high-quality materials from trustworthy suppliers. The materials are carefully selected to ensure durability, environmental friendliness and quality.

  • Manufacturing

    Our modern production facilities in Germany are equipped with advanced machinery and technology. Our qualified specialists monitor every step of the manufacturing process to ensure that all products meet the highest quality standards.