Advent bread

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients for approx. 4 stollen
    750 g each


    300 g flour 550 type
    20 gr fresh yeast
    150 ml water

    Main dough:

    1000 g flour 550Type
    300 ml. milk
    42 g yeast
    4 eggs
    150 g butter
    120 g sugar
    35 g salt
    15 g Spekutatius spice


    400 g raisins
    150 ml rum
    200 g chopped almonds (for the mixture)
    150 g chopped almonds (for rolling the dough)

  • Preparation

    Prepare the day before:
    Soak 400 g raisins in 150 ml rum the day before and leave to stand overnight.

    For the pre-dough, mix the flour, yeast and water for approx. 2 min at 1st speed and then knead quickly for 5-6 min at 3rd-4th speed. The dough temperature should be approx. 24° C, then leave the dough to rest covered for 40-50 minutes.

    Main dough:
    In the meantime, heat the monolith to 230° C with the deflector stones, drip pans (for steaming). Also place the 2nd and 3rd levels inside and the pizza stone on the third level.

    In the next step, prepare the fruit mixture. To do this, briefly roast the 200 g chopped almonds in a cast iron pan on the monolith at approx. 230° C and deglaze with approx. 50 ml water. The remaining 150 g of almonds are left to roll the Advent bread in later.

    Now put all the ingredients (without the fruit mixture) and the ripe starter dough into the food processor and knead to form the main dough. The kneading time should be approx. 2 minutes on the 1st speed of the food processor. Then knead quickly for a further 6-8 minutes on the 3rd-4th speed. Only carefully add the fruit mixture after the kneading time has elapsed. The dough temperature should be 22° C-24° C. Then cover the dough and leave to rest for at least 30 minutes.

    In the next step, the dough is weighed out into four loaves of 750 g each, which are then formed into balls and shaped into oval Advent loaves. Brush the Advent breads with water and roll in the sliced almonds, then place on a baking tray covered with baking paper and leave in the kitchen for approx. 45 minutes (piece proofing).

    After proofing, use a sharp knife to cut the Advent breads four times lengthwise, approx. 0.5 cm. Place the baking tray on the pizza stone in the monolith, which is already preheated to 230°C. Pour 150 ml into a drip tray for steaming. Close the lid and the vent directly and bake for approx. 35-40 min. at 200-210° C with the lid closed.

    Depending on the size of the tray, 2 Advent loaves will fit on it.

A recipe from: Günter Müller

Günter Müller from Petersfehn is a trained baker with 25 years of professional experience. He bought his first LeChef in 2015 and has been baking all kinds of delicious treats on it ever since - always with the same quality standards as a good artisan bakery. Since 2018, he has also been giving baking and barbecue courses in various barbecue stores. The fire baker regularly shares his baking skills with the barbecue community on his Instagram channel.