Dry aged chops with lemon and caper sauce

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients for 2 people:

    2 dry aged pork chops

    Some chili to taste

    Salt and pepper

    2 tbsp olive oil

    50 g butter

    1 clove of garlic, chopped

    shallot, chopped

    2 tbsp flour

    300 ml vegetable stock

    250 ml white wine

    2 tbsp capers

    1 tbsp chopped parsley

    zest of one organic lemon

    Juice of half a lemon

    3 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese

    Ingredients for the broccoli:

    1 broccoli, approx. 500 g

    3 tbsp olive oil

    curry powder


  • Preparation

    Heat the cast iron pan with a little olive oil in the monolith. Season the pork chops with salt, pepper and a little chilli and sear on both sides in the pan.

    Then put the chops to one side, heat the butter in the pan and fry the shallot and garlic in it. When the desired roasted aromas have been created, slowly stir 2 tablespoons of flour into the pan, then add the stock and wine and bring everything to the boil while stirring.

    Now add the capers and parsley, grate in the zest of the lemon and squeeze the juice of half a lemon. Stir everything together and season to taste with salt and pepper.

    Finally, place the chops in the sauce and cook to a core temperature of 60-62°C. To serve, sprinkle with parsley and grated Parmesan.

    Preparation of broccoli:
    Wash the broccoli, divide into large florets and blanch in boiling salted water for approx. 5 minutes. Then cool immediately in ice water and leave to dry on kitchen paper.

    Mix the olive oil with salt and curry and marinate the broccoli florets in it. Grill over a medium direct heat until the desired roasted flavors are produced.

    Delicious can be so easy! Enjoy your meal!

    This recipe also works wonderfully with chicken breast or drumsticks.
    If you like, you can replace the lemon with orange to make the dish even sweeter and fruitier.

A recipe from: Marco Greulich

Marco Greulich ist ein Meister der Grillkunst. Als Grillweltmeister und dreifacher deutscher Meister beweist er seine Expertise rund um Kamados, Grillen und Rezepte auf seinem Instagram-Kanal „@barbecueflavors“ und seiner Website bbqflavors.de. Mit seiner großen Leidenschaft für Keramikgrills erstellt er ständig neue Rezepte für uns, die wir liebend gerne mit unserer Community teilen.