Fish salad

  • Ingredients

    250 g small boiled potatoes

    100 ml vinaigrette (60 ml sunflower oil

    30 ml mild vinegar

    1 tsp coarse mustard

    a pinch of sugar

    salt & pepper

    fresh chives

    Parsley and dill to taste

    1 trout 500 g or whatever you have just caught

  • Preparation

    This quick and easy recipe is good and easy to prepare and can then be made quickly, even on the go. For example, right by the lake where you have just caught a few fish.

    Boil the potatoes at home and prepare the vinaigrette. You will then need salt and pepper and a small bowl.

    Heat the barbecue to a maximum of 180 °C with the lid and grill closed.
    Slowly warm the potatoes briefly on both sides, remove from the grill and continue to heat the grill to 240 °C.

    Now grill the fish slowly on both sides until done. During this time, cut the potatoes into pieces and mix with the vinaigrette in the bowl.
    The fish is done when you can easily pull out the dorsal fin.
    Small fish, such as perch, do not necessarily have to be gutted, as we only need the freshly grilled fillets for the salad.
    You can also save yourself the trouble of scaling if you wish.
    For fish with very small scales, such as trout, the skin is fine to eat. For fish with larger scales, you can simply peel off the skin after grilling.

    When the fish is cooked, remove it from the grill and fillet it immediately. To do this, first remove the upper skin, then remove the flesh piece by piece. Then carefully pull the entire bone strand from the tail to the head with all the bones out of the fillet underneath. Check again that all the bones have been pulled out of the meat and then remove the meat from the skin.

    Chop the herbs and add to the potatoes with the fish meat. Carefully fold in and season with salt and pepper to taste.

    Enjoy your meal!

A recipe from: Stephan Stohl

Stephan Stohl grills on the MONOLITH Grill out of conviction and is characterized by his passion for good food, fresh ingredients and his awareness of sustainability and the origin of the products.

In his barbecue courses, regional products are paired with delicacies from around the world. He grills meat from his own butchery and game from local forests, refining his dishes with fresh herbs from the garden.

Away from the barbecue mainstream, Stephan creates tasty barbecue compositions with dedication and introduces you to the benefits of ceramic barbecuing.