Fish & Chips

  • Ingredients

    For 4 portions:

    800 g French fries, either cut yourself
    & pre-baked or good frozen product.

    1 kg pollack fillet

    1 tsp chili flakes

    1 tbsp coarse sea salt

    1 tsp herbes de Provence

    1 tsp pepper, black, coarsely ground

    200 g flour

    4 eggs, beaten

    oil for frying

    300 g Panko breadcrumbs

    1 tsp herbs de Provence

    Remoulade or other sauces for dipping

  • Preparation

    Remove the bones from the fish fillet and cut the fillet into bite-sized pieces. Season with the mixture of sea salt, pepper, herbs and chili, and roll in flour, egg and panko with herbs de Provence and breadcrumbs.
    Leave the breaded pieces on a rack for 20-30 minutes so that the breading holds better.

    Heat the Monolith with a half deflector on the front side to an indirect heat of approx. 180-200°C with rotisserie. Heat the pan or pot with the oil on a grid above the deflector.
    While the oil is heating up, grill the chips in the rotisserie basket for 15-20 minutes.

    CAUTION: Always be very careful when frying on the monolith so that no oil spills into the embers, as this usually produces a decent flame. In general, care must be taken when handling hot fat. If the fat starts to burn for any reason, simply close the lid and let it smother. NEVER extinguish with water!

    When the oil has reached approx. 170°C, carefully fry the fish in small portions. Drain on a wire rack and keep warm if necessary.

    As soon as the fries have reached the desired degree of doneness, remove them from the basket and season with coarse salt.

    Enjoy your meal!

    Depending on the heat required, carefully slide the pan briefly over the direct area while wearing gloves.

    Of course, other types of fish such as salmon, cod or prawns can also be prepared in this way. You can also use potato wedges instead of chips.

A recipe from: Marco Greulich

Marco Greulich ist ein Meister der Grillkunst. Als Grillweltmeister und dreifacher deutscher Meister beweist er seine Expertise rund um Kamados, Grillen und Rezepte auf seinem Instagram-Kanal „@barbecueflavors“ und seiner Mit seiner großen Leidenschaft für Keramikgrills erstellt er ständig neue Rezepte für uns, die wir liebend gerne mit unserer Community teilen.