Franconian sausage

  • Ingredients

    1.5 kg pork shoulder
    1.5 kg pork belly
    54 g salt
    9 black peppercorns
    10 g sugar
    1 g cloves
    1.5 g allspice
    3.5 g caraway seeds
    1.5 g nutmeg
    1 lemon zest
    60 g marjoram
    300 g Gruyère cheese
    250 g porcini mushrooms
    40 g dried tomatoes
    1 onion
    3 stalks tarragon
    5 g ground roasted black pepper

  • Preparation

    Franconia is known for its sausage specialties. Because sausages from the Monolith are a delicacy in their own right, the two chefs Stephan Stohl and Stefan Marquard have come up with an exciting recipe for sausage meat that you can use to conjure up all kinds of Franconian delicacies on your kamado:

    Cut the shoulder meat and pork belly into 3-4 cm cubes and chill again immediately. Finely grind the cloves, allspice and caraway.

    Add the zest of a lemon and all the other spices to the meat and mix everything well. Pass the seasoned meat through a mincer with a 4-5 mm disk. Mix and knead by hand until you can feel that the meat has thickened. Refrigerate immediately.

    Now divide the mixture into three equal parts. One third of the mixture becomes the classic Franconian bratwurst. Mix another third with the diced cheese and grind again to make the "creamy Franconian". Set aside the last third of the mixture for the porcini mushroom sausage.

    For the porcini mushroom sausage: Lightly fry the porcini mushrooms and onions in a pan, add the finely chopped tomatoes and the plucked and chopped tarragon. Add everything to the sausage meat with the roasted pepper and mix well.

    Enjoy your meal!

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