Goose with yeast filling

  • Ingredients

    Goose with yeast filling:

    1 goose, approx. 4.5 kg
    2 l red wine
    1 cube of yeast
    250 ml milk
    400 g flour
    salt, pepper and paprika

    red cabbage:

    1 head of red cabbage
    3 spoons of cranberries
    red wine vinegar
    salt and pepper
    500 g sliced bacon

    Bread casserole:

    8 rolls
    3 eggs
    200 ml milk
    1 handful of parsley leaves
    salt, pepper and nutmeg

  • Preparation

    Goose with yeast filling
    Mix 250 ml lukewarm milk with the yeast, add a pinch of sugar and salt, mix with the flour. Cut the goose giblets into 0.5 cm pieces and add to the yeast mixture. Season with salt and pepper. Pour the stuffing into the goose and sew up with a thread so that it doesn't spill out. Season the goose with salt, pepper and paprika and heat the Monolith to 130 °C. I place a bowl of water directly on the deflector stone and fill it with red wine. I add a few sprigs of rosemary. I leave the goose in the grill for about 4 hours. Every now and then I check whether the legs of the goose can be pulled apart easily, because then the goose is cooked. Alternatively, I prick the breast with a meat fork to see if it is soft.

    Red cabbage
    Cut about 3 cm off the head of red cabbage at the stalk. Remove the remaining stalk and put it in the organic waste. Then scoop out a little more, but keep this material and place in a bowl and marinate with the cranberries and red wine vinegar. Season with sugar, salt and pepper and pour back into the red cabbage. Cover with the bacon and braise indirectly at 110-130 °C in the Monolith. The red cabbage should be really soft.

    Tip: I always place the red cabbage on a stainless steel ring so that it doesn't tip over in the grill.

    If you want to prepare both at the same time, the Le Chef monolith version is best for this, as it has more space ...

    Bread roll casserole
    Slice the rolls, heat the milk in the meantime and pour over the rolls. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Chop the parsley leaves and add to the rolls with the eggs. Mix well and place in a buttered oven dish.
    Bake indirectly in the monolith at approx. 160 °C for 30 minutes. The baking time depends somewhat on the tin, it may take a few minutes longer. I always check in the middle of the cake to see if it is done baking.

    Bon appétit!

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