Salmon with potatoes

  • Ingredients

    500 g triplets potatoes, pre-cooked

    400 g wild salmon

    1 lemon

    olive oil

    sea salt


    2 cloves garlic

    approx. 150 g mayonnaise

  • Preparation

    Whether as a fillet with vegetables, smoked, with pasta, from the oven or from the grill - salmon is always a real treat. Julian Schmitt tells us how to cook salmon perfectly on the mono with his recipe "Salmon with potatoes". Here's how it's done:

    First, mix the mayonnaise with a freshly pressed clove of garlic and set aside to cool. Then cut the salmon into cubes and marinate with olive oil and sea salt.

    Heat some olive oil in a pan on the Monolith grill, add the potatoes and the halved garlic clove and fry briefly. The frying time depends on your own taste - depending on how roasted you want the potatoes to be.

    Once the potatoes are roasted as desired, place them on the edge. Now place the salmon in the middle of the pan and fry it on the skin. Add the lemon, pepper and sea salt. Then carefully turn the salmon and finish cooking until it is translucent.

    Serve the potatoes and salmon with the mayonnaise.

    Enjoy your meal!

A recipe from: Julian Schmitt

Julian Schmitt aus dem Hochtaunuskreis ist Experte im Bereich Einbauküchen und seit Jahren leidenschaftlicher Griller. Auf dem Instagram-Account „@carnivorgrill“ teilt er seine Grillkünste mit seiner Community und präsentiert immer wieder neue Kamado-Kreationen mit hochwertigen, regionalen und Bio-Lebensmitteln.