Saddle of lamb on the bone wrapped in warm aromatics

  • Ingredients

    1 rack of lamb

    1 lemon



    2 pcs. single garlic

    bay leaf

    sea salt

    1 tbsp crushed black pepper

    2 tbsp chopped parsley

    100 ml lamb sauce

  • Preparation

    Preparing lamb over the fire is an integral part of many cultures and even when it comes to a special meal, we always use the grill. With the MONOLITH, fine and special recipes can be perfectly prepared for special occasions. With Franz-Josef Unterlechner's rack of lamb recipe, you can conjure up an unforgettable taste experience for your guests or family.

    Here's how:

    Do not remove the fat cap from the rack of lamb. Remove the fillets from the underside, parry and remove the tendon. Cut the loin directly on the bone up to the breast and saddle bones and loosen slightly.

    Cut out the firm, thick tendon that extends from the neck into the back.

    Heat the grill with the cast iron grid to approx. 250 - 300 °C. Place the rack of lamb and the fillets unseasoned on the grill and mark a clearly recognizable grill pattern. Remove the meat.

    Finely chop the garlic and finely grate the lemon. Rub the rack of lamb well with the sea salt, pepper, garlic, chopped parsley and lemon. Place the fillets in the gap between the bone and the meat.

    Place the rosemary and thyme on the back, offset to each other, until it is completely covered. Place large sprigs of laurel on top and tie tightly with twine.

    Place the deflector stones and drip trays in the grill and reduce the temperature to 140 °C. Place the tied rack of lamb on the grill, bone side down, close the lid and cook until the core temperature reaches 48 °C. Remove, loosen the string and remove the aromatics. Remove the deflector stones and heat the grill to 250 °C.

    Place the rack of lamb skin side down on the cast iron grill so that the fat is rendered and crispy. Turn over and glaze with the lamb sauce.

    Remove the roasted meat from the grill, remove the loin from the bone, cut into portions and place on the plates, drizzle with sauce.

    Enjoy your meal!

A recipe from: Franz-Josef Unterlechner

Franz-Josef Unterlechner, 36, passionate professional, also at the grill, is at home and rooted in top gastronomy.
At home inRestaurant AtlantikMunich, an institution, he harmonizes fish, crustaceans and fire in a very special way. First-class products, zeitgeist, pure enjoyment, a lot of joy and passion in his profession characterize him and his kitchen.
Close your eyes, taste, feel, smell and enjoy. Textures, aromas, flavors, everything from a single source, like the monolith.