Meat the Beef Hammer

  • Ingredients

    For 5-6 persons:

    Beef Hammer:

    2700 g Angus Beef Hammer

    Rub De Fik Erin Braairub No. 4

    One bottle of Saus Guru Black Pepper Sauce

    Mop Sauce:

    20 g butter

    1 cup of water

    1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

    2 tsp De Fik Erin Braairub No. 4


    1 aluminum drip tray

    Core temperature gauge

    2 sheets of butcher paper

    A few meters of meat string

    Baking brush or pastry brush

    Smoking chips / wooden / cherry pallets

  • Preparation

    Prepare the day before:
    Right at the beginning of the preparation, lightly score the meat and add some Braairub No. 4 on top. Then tie the meat together with the meat ropes (3 times should be enough) and wrap in foil. Place in the fridge overnight so that the meat can absorb the flavor of the Braairub. For larger pieces of meat, beef stock can also be injected.

    Prepare on the same day:
    The next day, allow 9 hours before serving. First, the kamado is set to a dome temperature of 115-120°C using indirect heat. In the meantime, prepare the mop sauce. To do this, stir together a cup of water, Worcestershire sauce, Braairub No. 4 and the butter. Then bring to the boil briefly and set aside.
    When the temperature of the kamado is stable, place the meat in a drip tray on the grill. After an hour of smoking, briefly remove the meat from the grill and brush 3-4 times with the mop sauce.

    Then set the grill to 70°C and carefully remove the bone marrow from the meat and place in a bowl for later. When the core has also reached 70°C, remove the beef hammer from the grill, wrap it in meat paper and tie it together with the meat string. Be careful that nothing runs out.

    The wrapped beef hammer is then placed on the grill and heated to a core temperature of 92-94°C. Use a skewer to check whether the meat is nice and soft. Once it has reached the desired consistency, the meat paper can be removed. The paper can be kept for after grilling and used to rest the meat.

    The next step is to generously coat the Beef-Hammer with the black pepper sauce and place it back on the grill for half an hour to an hour. Lower the core temperature a little. At the same time, the bowl with the bone marrow can be placed on the grill so that it warms up.

    Hammer time!
    Before serving, remove the beef from the grill and leave to rest for at least half an hour, wrapped in butcher's paper. To prevent the heat from escaping so easily, we recommend wrapping an old but clean towel around it.
    By now the bone should be loose enough to be easily removed and the meat can be cut into nice slices.
    Finally, spread some of the warm bone marrow over the meat and sprinkle with sea salt flakes.

    Enjoy your meal!

    Use the bone marrow as desired, as it is very rich and fatty.
    The black pepper sauce is also very suitable as a dip during the meal.

A recipe from: Dirk Graat

Dirk Graat ist ein 42 Jahre junger BBQ-Fanatiker aus Holland. Schon seit einigen Jahren grillt er in seiner Freizeit regelmäßig auf dem Kamado BBQs. Freestyle grillen ist das was er dabei am liebsten macht und verleiht damit  klassischen Gerichten einen einmaligen BBQ-Touch.

Inzwischen teilt er auf seinem Instagram-Kanal „@dirks_smoke_and_grills“ und auf seinem Facebook-Kanal „@Dirk’s Smoke&Grills“ seine Rezepte und sein Wissen, um andere zu inspirieren. Seine Mission ist, andere mit der BBQ-Love und Leidenschaft anzustecken.

Kein Wunder also, dass er Hobby und seinen Beruf, den er in der Online-Metzgerei BBQuality ausübt, kombiniert hat und seine Rezepte regelmäßig auf deren Website hochlädt.