Monolith Chicken Roaster Chicken

  • Ingredients

    1 chicken, ready to cook, approx. 1.2 - 2.5 kg

    BBQ spice/BBQ rub to taste

    50 g butter

    60 ml beer, wine, juice, water or other liquid to taste (see below)

    Maple syrup as a glaze

  • Preparation

    Pat the chicken dry with kitchen paper. Melt the butter, mix with the BBQ rub to make a paste and rub the outside of the chicken all over with this paste. If possible, carefully rub a little under the skin on the breasts and drumsticks.

    Now leave the chicken to marinate a little. Heat the grill to an indirect temperature of approx. 180-190°C. Fill the container of the chicken roaster about ½ full with the desired liquid and place the chicken on top.

    Now grill the chicken, preferably with side dishes, to the desired degree of doneness. Ideally approx. 70-72°c in the breast and 85-90°c in the drumsticks. Towards the end of the cooking time, glaze with the maple syrup and allow to caramelize briefly.

    Ideally, leave the chicken to rest for a few minutes before carving. Enjoy your meal!


    The perforated tray of the chicken roaster can also be used separately as a grill tray for finger food and vegetables.

    There are many myths about the liquid in the container. However, the choice of liquid is actually overrated. The main advantage of the "Beer can chicken" is the upright position and the extra mass in the beer can or holder, which enables even cooking. In fact, it is almost impossible for any flavored steam to pass through the silverskin and ribs into the breasts or even the legs to flavor the meat or keep it juicier. Also, the temperature of the liquid usually barely exceeds the core temperature of the poultry. It is actually more flavorful to season the chicken with a brine, marinade or sauce based on the desired liquid.

A recipe from: Marco Greulich

Marco Greulich ist ein Meister der Grillkunst. Als Grillweltmeister und dreifacher deutscher Meister beweist er seine Expertise rund um Kamados, Grillen und Rezepte auf seinem Instagram-Kanal „@barbecueflavors“ und seiner Website Mit seiner großen Leidenschaft für Keramikgrills erstellt er ständig neue Rezepte für uns, die wir liebend gerne mit unserer Community teilen.