Red deer ossobucco

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients for 4 people

    2 kg leg slices

    1 bunch of root vegetables

    1 liter game stock

    1 liter black beer

    clarified butter


    Salt, pepper and sugar

  • Preparation

    Deep-freeze the lower legs of the deer for cutting. Once frozen, cut into leg slices about five centimetres thick using a bone band saw.

    As soon as they have defrosted, season with salt and a little sugar. Leave to rest for five minutes and then flour all over.

    Preheat the Monolith to 180 degrees Celsius. Insert the SGS Dutch oven set. As soon as the pan is hot, melt the clarified butter and fry the leg slices all over. Finally, add the finely chopped root vegetables and fry them too. Deglaze with a bottle of black beer and reduce a little. Now top up with game stock so that the leg slices are covered with liquid.

    Leave to simmer in the closed monolith for one and a half hours. Check in between to make sure there is still enough liquid in the pot. If necessary, top up with black beer. To obtain a thick, creamy sauce, leave to simmer with the lid open. Make sure that nothing burns now!

    Serve with freshly grilled vegetables from the hot plate, spicy chimichurri and freshly baked white bread.

A recipe from: Sebastian Kapuhs

Sebastian Kapuhs, 35, hat beim Deutschen Jagdverband gearbeitet und ist seit 2016 selbständig in der Jagdbranche tätig. Sein Hauptaugenmerk liegt auf der Kampagne „Wild auf Wild“. In einem außerordentlichen Kurs zeigt er die Weiterverarbeitung und Veredelung von Wildbret. Kapuhs hat den Jagdschein seit 2014, er pirscht mit Vorliebe auf Schwarzwild. Er grillt wild als Mitglied in der MonoElite.