Risotto alla Milanese with ossobucco

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients for the ossobucco

    3 slices of veal shank (at least 2 cm thick)

    1 bay leaf

    1 shallot

    ½ glass white wine

    1 piece of butter

    1 teaspoon tomato paste

    Flour to taste

    Seasoning mix of salt, pepper, rosemary, sage to taste

    1 liter of chicken stock

    Ingredients for the risotto

    200 g Riso Carnaroli

    1 shallot

    ½ glass white wine

    1 sachet of saffron

    2 teaspoons of beef or veal bone marrow

    1 liter meat stock

    100 g Parmesan cheese

    50 g butter

    Ingredients for the gremolada

    1 bunch of parsley

    2 anchovy fillets

    Zest of half a lemon

    1/4 garlic

  • Preparation


    For this recipe, we used the LeChef model from Monolith in a hybrid form, i.e. half grilled directly on coals and half with deflector stones.


    Put about 2 kg of charcoal in the kamado and light the coals.

    Leave the ventilation open so that you reach around 150 °C.

    Place the veal shanks, previously seasoned with the spice mix, on the indirect side.

    Add the monolith cherry pellets and smoke for about 15 minutes.

    Close the lid of the monolith and leave to cook until the meat has turned a golden-brown color.

    In the meantime, brown a knob of butter with some flour, a bay leaf and the well-chopped shallot in an earthen (or cast-iron) pan. Fry on the barbecue directly over the embers.

    Add the veal shanks and deglaze with white wine. Then add the tomato purée and stock until the meat is covered. Cover with a lid and leave to cook for at least 2 hours.

    If the liquid reduces too much, add more stock.

    Prepare the risotto half an hour before serving the dish. Place a knob of butter, the chopped shallot and the pumpkin in a steel pan. Place the pot directly over the coals on the barbecue and place the veal shanks on the indirect side.

    Add the rice and brown, deglaze with white wine and add the hot meat stock until almost cooked.

    At the end of the cooking time, add the saffron and stir.

    In the meantime, prepare the gremolada. Chop the parsley, garlic, lemon zest and 2 anchovy fillets with a knife.

    Leave the risotto to cool slightly and then mix with the butter and Parmesan, stirring vigorously.

    Serve the risotto and ossobuco in a bowl and add a little gremolada on top of the meat.

    History of the dish

    Risotto alla Milanese is a typical Milanese dish and is often served with ossobucco, especially in fall and winter. The veal shanks must be cooked slowly so that they become soft and melting, and are a wonderful and comforting dish when prepared correctly.

A recipe from: Sandro Annese

Sandro is a barbecue expert who has been passionate about the world of barbecuing for years. He has a degree in industrial biotechnology and works as a manager in a large multinational company. He was born in Puglia and has been passionate about cooking since childhood. He is particularly fond of preparing meat and fish on the grill and baking focaccia, bread and pizzas in a wood-fired oven.

Sandro is a MONOLITH brand ambassador, the official Italian team of MONOLITH demonstrators and advisors