Risotto with grilled asparagus and crispy bacon

  • Ingredients

    For 4 people:

    300 g Carnaroli rice

    250 g green asparagus

    1 shallot

    1 liter vegetable stock
    60 g butter

    50 g Parmesan cheese

    4 slices of smoked bacon

    salt to taste

    Pepper to taste

    For the stock (1 liter):

    1 carrot

    1 celery stalk

    1 onion

    asparagus spears (the hard lower part)

  • Preparation

    Preparation of the broth:

    Roughly chop the vegetables, cut off only the lower, harder part of the asparagus and use for the stock. Place the vegetables in cold water, bring to the boil gently and simmer for about 1 hour.

    Preparation of the kamado:

    For this recipe, we used the LeChef model from MONOLITH in a hybrid configuration, indirect using half a deflector stone and direct (grill grate).


    Place approx. 1.5 kg of charcoal in the kamado and light. Leave the air inlet completely open so that the barbecue quickly reaches a high temperature.

    Position the smart grid system with half a deflector stone and the stainless steel grates.

    Place the stockpot with the stock in the indirect section, as it should be poured hot over the rice. Place a pan with high sides on the grid directly above the embers, add a knob of butter and the chopped shallot. Sauté the shallots until translucent and add the rice.

    Toast the rice for a minute and then add a few ladles of hot stock.

    In the meantime, grill the bacon slices until crispy, then set aside. Then grill the asparagus and brush with butter while cooking. Remove the asparagus from the grill when it is nicely colored, cut the spears into small pieces and leave a few tips to garnish the dish.

    Add the chopped asparagus to the risotto and add more stock if required.

    When the rice is cooked, add a little salt and pepper.

    Remove the pan from the grill, add 50 g butter and 50 g Parmesan cheese and give the risotto a good stir.

    Serve the risotto on a plate and garnish with the asparagus tips and crispy bacon.

    Enjoy your meal!

A recipe from: Sandro Annese

Sandro is a barbecue expert who has been passionate about the world of barbecuing for years. He has a degree in industrial biotechnology and works as a manager in a large multinational company. He was born in Puglia and has been passionate about cooking since childhood. He is particularly fond of preparing meat and fish on the grill and baking focaccia, bread and pizzas in a wood-fired oven.

Sandro is a MONOLITH brand ambassador, the official Italian team of MONOLITH demonstrators and advisors