Rock Veggie from the grill

  • Ingredients

    1 large chayote
    3 tablespoons walnuts
    Some Himalayan salt

    Red lentils
    300g red lentils
    400 ml coconut milk
    60 ml rapeseed oil
    200 ml vegetable stock
    A little salt
    ½ tsp fennel
    ½ tsp coriander seeds
    2 star anise
    3 cloves
    4 dried lime leaves
    3 bay leaves fresh or dried
    ½ tsp turmeric
    1 tbsp medium hot curry

    Fermented grapes
    200g green or red grapes
    180 ml water
    20 ml sugar beet syrup
    30 ml light balsamic vinegar
    ½ tsp cinnamon powder
    3 pcs cardamom
    A little salt
    1 medium sized preserving jar
    1 piece of baking paper

    Cottage cheese
    150g cottage cheese
    1 lime
    A little olive oil

  • Preparation

    Cut the chayote into 5-6 pieces; marinate with walnut oil and fry on the monolith plate until golden brown. Season with a little salt.

    Soak the lentils for 3 hours. Then drain off the water. Pour the rapeseed oil into a pan, heat gently, add all the remaining spices and roast for 3 minutes. Add the lentils and stir in the coconut milk, vegetable stock and a pinch of salt and simmer until the lentils are soft. Then blend until a creamy consistency is achieved.

    Wash the grapes and remove the stems, place the grapes in the preserving jar.

    Heat the water and the other ingredients gently at 70°C for 3 minutes.

    Then pour the liquid over the grapes, cover with baking paper and seal the preserving jar. Leave to stand at room temperature at 20°C for 1 ½ - 2 weeks. Longer shelf life is possible (6 months) when stored at 10°C - 15°C

    Place the cottage cheese in a sieve and rinse, drain and place in a bowl.

    Add the lime zest, olive oil, a little lime juice and salt to taste. Mix everything together.

    Plate up and garnish with edible flowers and celery ash (celery ash recipe in the book Asche Glut und Feuer, page 130).

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