Thai Iberico pork cheeks

  • Ingredients

    700 g Iberico pork cheeks

    2 carrots, sliced

    1 leek stalk, sliced

    a handful of shiitake mushrooms

    300 ml vegetable stock

    150 g hoisin sauce

    50 ml rice wine

    2 tbsp soy sauce

    1 tsp rice vinegar

    3cm ginger, finely sliced

    3 star anise

    salt and pepper

    Oil for frying

  • Preparation

    Trim the pork cheeks, remove any excess fat and season with salt. Then fry in the heated oil in the lid of the Firepot or directly in the Firepot and remove again

    Sauté the carrots, leek and ginger in the remaining oil and deglaze with the rice wine. Add the rice vinegar, soy sauce and hoisin sauce and stir to combine.

    Add the pork cheeks again, add the star anise whole and pour in the vegetable stock until the cheeks are almost completely covered.

    Close the lid and leave to simmer.

    Add the shiitake mushrooms to the casserole about half an hour before serving.

    Depending on their size, the pork cheeks will need 2-3 hours until they are soft as butter. After half the time, turn once if necessary.

    The pork cheeks can now be shredded and mixed with the shiitake from the sauce and, if desired, with spring onions and pointed peppers. Of course, it is also possible to strain the sauce from the braising pot and serve with the cheeks.

    Setup: Classic Pro 2.0:

    Fill the charcoal basket once completely and light a nest of embers with the monolighter, allow the grill to come up to temperature, the aim is a temperature of 160°C - 180 °C.

    Start with a direct setup for the lid or the fire pot to sear the ingredients. Once the ingredients are seared, switch the grill to indirect, insert both deflector stones and close the Dutch oven and wait until the pork cheeks are butter-tender.

A recipe from: Martin

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