Udon noodles with vegetables

  • Ingredients

    750 g udon noodles (precooked)

    400 g pointed cabbage

    300 g pak choi

    190 g champions

    25 g ginger

    5 tbsp peanut oil

    8 tbsp soy sauce

    2 chili peppers

    3 carrots

    1 lemon

    Whole garlic

  • Preparation

    First place the fire plate on the monolith and heat it up.
    Once it has heated up, cook the udon noodles on the grill according to the instructions on the packet and set aside for the time being.

    Then finely chop the ginger, chili peppers and garlic. Cut the carrots and pointed cabbage into small strips, halve the pak choi and champions.

    Then fry the ginger with the chopped chili and garlic on the hot plate with a little peanut oil. Spread the carrots, pointed cabbage and champions on the griddle and fry them too. Next, mix all the ingredients together and drizzle with a little peanut oil, lemon juice and soy sauce. Cook for about 10 minutes so that the vegetables still have a "bite".

    Finally, stir in the udon noodles and pak choi and cook for approx. 3 minutes.

    Good luck and enjoy!

    If you don't want to do without meat, you can fry chicken strips with the vegetables and continue the recipe as described.

A recipe from: Julian Schmitt

Julian Schmitt aus dem Hochtaunuskreis ist Experte im Bereich Einbauküchen und seit Jahren leidenschaftlicher Griller. Auf dem Instagram-Account „@carnivorgrill“ teilt er seine Grillkünste mit seiner Community und präsentiert immer wieder neue Kamado-Kreationen mit hochwertigen, regionalen und Bio-Lebensmitteln.